Roller Compacted Concrete Conveyors & Placement Systems

What is Roller Compacted Concrete?

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) contains less water than conventional concrete. It is drier, has a much lower cooling requirement than conventional concrete, and essentially has no slump. RCC is a stiff, relatively dry mix of cement/fly ash, water, sand, aggregate and common additives. It's consistency resembles damp gravel.

Roller compacted concrete is placed by conveyors in thick layers as a semi-dry material and is compacted into a dense, strong mass by vibratory rollers. Once a layer is placed, it can immediately support the earth-moving equipment to place the next layer. RCC requires no forms, finishing, steel reinforcement, or sawing.

Roller-compacted concrete has many time and cost benefits over conventional mass concrete dams; these include higher rates of concrete placement, lower material costs, and lower costs associated with post-cooling and formwork.

RCC Conveyors, Inc. designs, builds, operates, and maintains specialty RCC conveyors and concrete placing equipment. We have worked on the largest dams, locks, waterway structures, and impoundments in the world. Learn more about roller compacted concrete dams

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